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What is Animal Heart Link Project?

Our goal is, by 2020, there will be zero stray dogs and cats killed in the shelters.
In Okinawa Prefecture alone, more than 5,000 dogs and cats are euthanized the shelters every year. They are either abandoned or lost pets for many reasons as a result of us, the pet owners’ irresponsible management and acts. At Animal Hospital 22, we have started “Animal Heart Link Project” to change this situation. Our goal is, by Year 2020, to bring this number down to zero over the next 5 years. This event is to kick-off our project and hope many of you would join us in promoting zero-euthanasia of helpless dogs and cats.

"Animal Heartlink Project 2020" Start. promoting zero-euthanasia of helpless dogs and cats.

“Animal Heartlink Project 2020” Start. promoting zero-euthanasia of helpless dogs and cats.


Our projects’ planned activities:

  1. Install “Heart Link Box” to accept unwanted puppies and kittens.
  2. Build a shelter to receive rescued dogs and cats.
  3. Hold adoption days regularly.
  4. Open an adoption center.
  5. By year 2020, build a large no-kill shelter where we can home all the stray, homeless and lost dogs and cats in Okinawa Prefecture.

The large shelter we ‘re planning to build in 2020 will have kennels, medical facility, dog park, training room, park to hold various events, etc.

Our projects’ planned activities

Our projects’ planned activities



This event will kick-off our “Animal Heart Link Project” which promotes ZERO euthanasia of all the abandoned dogs and cats in the shelters in Okinawa by Year 2020.

Like us on Facebook. We hope you all come and join us!

Walk rally participation fees

Adults ( College student or older) ▶︎ ¥500
Junior High School / High School Students ▶︎ ¥200
Elementary School Students or younger ▶︎ Free

◎All money collected from participation fees will be used to build a large scale animal shelter.

•Date:  Sunday,  April 24, 2016
•Meeting place: Chatan Park Baseball Stadium
•Reception will be between 8:30 ~ 10:00AM 8:30〜AM10:00
•Pet health : Training advice / Display : AM 10:00〜AM13:00
•Ceremony : 10:30〜11:00
•Walk Rally : 11:00〜13:00



Reservation required.
We take reservation over the phone and you can visit Animal Hospital 22 groups or our website.
Reserve via Web

What to bring:  Leash and bags to pick up after your dog.
Vaccination record.  (For those who have called in advance and
provided this information do not need to bring it.)
Please note:  All dogs must be vaccinated within the past one year.
They are not under on-going treatment for an illness or wound.  They are not in heat. They are not aggressive towards other dogs or people. They are being treated for ticks and fleas.
★For more information, please call Vet’s Park information (098)923-2127, between 90:0~19:00. 

お気軽にお問い合わせください。 TEL 090-4997-7475 受付時間 10:00 - 18:00


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